Employer FAQs

What types of jobs does QuickStaff fill?

QuickStaff is a full-service staffing company.  We offer our associates the opportunity to work for your company on a temporary, direct placement, or on a recruited position basis.

Does QuickStaff have the right expertise to assist our company to find qualified employees?

QuickStaff management has a successful track record in the human resources solutions field, ranging from small and medium size businesses to Fortune 100 companies. We carefully consider your specific human resource requirements; and work with you develop the best program to meet your individual business needs.

What is QuickStaff’s recruiting philosophy?

We do not believe that one solution fits every employer’s needs.  By taking time to get to know each organization’s management and culture, we become better at selecting job seekers for each opening. This leads to a better fit between your company and our employees, less turnover, and a higher percentage of contingent workforce conversions to your payroll.  It also reduces frustration and unnecessary costs.

How does QuickStaff source and recruit candidates for employment?

We understand the investment involved in training new employees. Therefore, QuickStaff consistently recruits highly qualified candidates in various fields of expertise. We implement many recruiting methods including, but not limited to referrals, advertising for open positions, web-based resources, and online applications. If an applicant does not meet our requirements and needs, based on work or reference history/verification, skill requirements and possess a positive attitude, they will not be considered as a viable candidate for our applicant pool and will not be placed with your company. The first question we always ask ourselves is, “Would we hire this person?”

Why do job seekers use QuickStaff?

QuickStaff is has a notable reputation for providing diverse opportunities within many different industries. We find efficient and skilled individuals and put them to work every day.

What are the charges for QuickStaff services?

Employing QuickStaff is a cost-effective and competitive hiring solution for your company’s contingent workforce needs. QuickStaff will always negotiate fair and competitive rates. Different from most staffing agencies, we do not hide the fact that we are a for-profit organization. When determining your rate, the factors that are considered are:  payroll, employer burdens, cost of doing business, and a fair profit.  Employer burdens include SSI, Medicare, SUTA/FUTA, Worker’s Compensation (based solely on your organization’s Workers’ Compensation Code), and Liability Insurance.

What about positions that aren’t traditionally a good fit for contingent workforce solutions?

We understand that some positions in each organization are simply not conducive to contingent workforce solutions. For these needs, QuickStaff offers direct placement and recruiting process outsourcing solutions. Our philosophy of doing business is to operate a highly effective lean organization which leads to reduced fees being passed on to our clients when compared to other organizations offering the same services.

What other services can QuickStaff offer our company?

Although QuickStaff is a stand-alone organization, it is part of Employers’ Strategic Partnership Group, LLC, allowing your business the benefits of a full Human Resources, Environmental Health and Safety, and Business Process Solutions company.  This makes QuickStaff your one-stop full-service partner for your organization.

How is QuickStaff different from other staffing agencies?

QuickStaff is more than just a staffing company.  With our “Whatever it takes” approach, not only do we provide local staffing for the Warren, PA Up-State NY, and the Erie to Girard PA regions, but we have expanded full service solutions that work well for businesses, employers and job seekers alike. Our expanded company Employers Strategic Partnership Group, LLC (ESPG), specializes in everything from Global Human Resources to Business Transformation and Organizational Training.  Having multiple, innovative resources makes it easy to see why we are the right solution for your staffing and employment needs

How do I reach QuickStaff when I need to speak with someone directly?

Our QuickStaff office staff are available by phone during regular business hours. In the event you reach our voice mail, it does not mean we are not available to serve you but are assisting other clients or associates. Please leave a message and our staff will get right back to you.

For off shift, contingent workforce employee emergency situations, we have protocol in place to enable our client employers to contact staff.

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